Clash of the Classes 舞蹈


SMCHS 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students (non-SMCHS student guests are NOT permitted)

什么时候: 周五day, March 20th, 2020; 7:00pm – 10:00pm

哪里: SMCHS Moiso Family 亭

主题: Glow Crazy! Wear school-appropriate neon attire or your SM Class T-Shirt, with pants or shorts with at least a 6” inseam. No hats, props and/or any rave paraphernalia allowed.

The winner of Clash of the Classes will be announced at the dance! Students will be able to check in to the dance using the 5 Star for 学生们 App to earn extra points for their class before it is too late! The winning class will receive a week of school appropriate non-uniform dress, as well as a special food truck surprise at lunch!


Advance Ticket Sales (available until 3:00pm on March 20)

  • ASB Card: $10
  • No ASB Card: $35

Depending on availability, tickets may be sold at the door (payable with cash or credit card) for: 

  • ASB Card: $25
  • No ASB Card: $50


Click Here to Buy Tickets! 


ASB Card Instructions:

To purchase an ASB Card, click here. For all ASB Cardholders, you will receive periodic email blasts with a hyperlink that, when clicked, will automatically apply your discount. Simply click the hyperlink and then follow the purchase process!


八月ust 2020
太阳 周一 星期二 星期三 周四 周五 SAT
太阳, 七月 26
周一, 七月 27
周二, 七月 28
星期三, 七月 29
周四, 七月 30
周五, 七月 31
SAT, 八月 1
太阳, 八月 2
周一, 八月 3
周二, 八月 4
星期三, 八月 5
周四, 八月 6
周五, 八月 7
SAT, 八月 8
太阳, 八月 9
周一, 八月 10
周二, 八月 11
星期三, 八月 12
周四, 八月 13
周五, 八月 14
SAT, 八月 15
太阳, 八月 16
周一, 八月 17
周二, 八月 18
星期三, 八月 19
周四, 八月 20
周五, 八月 21
SAT, 八月 22
太阳, 八月 23
周一, 八月 24
周二, 八月 25
星期三, 八月 26
周四, 八月 27
周五, 八月 28
SAT, 八月 29
太阳, 八月 30
周一, 八月 31
周二, 九月 1
星期三, 九月 2
周四, 九月 3
周五, 九月 4
SAT, 九月 5


Flyer for the 周五ar Tux Prom